What’s this about?

We are Zuzka and Marek and we decided to take a break from our office jobs and do something interesting. Long story short – we are travelling from New York City to South America in a van.

We have a facebook page to keep our friends and families up to date, that’s also where you’ll find all the photos from our journey. This website is a way to give back what we’ve learned on other travelers’ blogs and pages. We’d like to share some useful info we’ve learn along the way, such as good and bad campspots, preparation tips etc.

Don’t expect a lot of updates though (that’s what our facebook is for). We are putting this together on beautiful beaches, in dirty city campgrounds, at gas stations and in the desert, so it takes us a bit more time and effort to get everything running. But if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Get in touch with us!


Zuzka & Marek